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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Date last updated: 25th of February, 2019


YourMoneyKiosk (“we”, “us”, “our”) respects the privacy of all visitors to our websites.  This Cookies Policy outlines our policy regarding the use of cookies on this website.

This Cookies Policy is subject to change at any time in order to reflect changes in technology and to remain in compliance with any relevant legislation.  Any changes in this Cookies Policy will become effective on the date last updated.

We strive to ensure that all information provided here is accurate and complete; however, the links provided are for information purposes only.  We make no claims or guarantees as to the accuracy and completeness of the contents of external sites.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files placed on your computer or internet enabled device (referred to as a “device”) by websites that you visit. Cookies are commonly used in order to make websites work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site. They are used to remember settings and preferences expressed by a user or tracking a user’s use of a website for statistical analysis.

For security reasons, cookies can only be read by the site that set them. We have no access to cookies set on your computer by third parties such as Google, Facebook, etc. However, through the use of third party cookies, it is possible for sites to collect information about visitors to other sites. For example, online advertisers may use third party cookies to anonymously track an individual’s visits to sites on the web. More information about our use of first party cookies and about how we allow third party cookies on our sites is given below.

To the extent any Personal Information is collected through cookies, our Privacy Statement applies and compliments this Cookies Policy.

By blocking our use of cookies, you may be unable to access certain areas of our site and certain functions and pages will not work in the usual way. Doing so may also affect our ability to update this website to cater for user preferences and improve its performance.

To find out more about cookies in general, you might find one of the following sites useful:  Your online choices  or All About Cookies or the Network Advertising Initiative


How do we use cookies?

The following types of cookies are set on this website: session cookies, preference cookies, analytics cookies and third party cookies.

Session Cookies

As you move through the site, various pieces of information need to be stored in order for the site to function properly. For example, if you perform a search for a store, the search terms you use will be remembered so that you can change them later. If you log in, we will remember which account you logged in with.

This information is stored by the browser and is referred to as a “session”. We set one cookie to keep track of which session you are using. Old session data is automatically deleted from our site so we do not store this information long-term.


Session Cookies used on this site:

Cookie Name Description Expiry Date 1st party or 3rd party



Used to distribute traffic to multiple sites in order to optimize response times. Session





__utmb Used to calculate how long a visit takes on site. Session 1st
__utmc Used to calculate how long a visit takes on site. Session 1st
__utmt This cookie is set by Google Analytics limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites. Session 1st


How do I control session cookies?

You can use your browser settings to control whether or not we set session cookies. See below for more information on your browser settings.

Please be aware that session cookies are critical to the working of the site. If you choose to disable session cookies from this site, you may find that the functionality of the site will be reduced.

Preference Cookies

We set two types of preference cookie on this website.

One type of preference cookie is set if you manually switch between mobile or desktop versions (e.g. view the desktop version of the site when on a mobile phone). Your choice will be stored in a cookie.

In addition, one type of preference cookie is set when you click OK to signify that you have accepted cookies. If this cookie is set, we will not display the banner at the top of the page.


Preference Cookies used on this site:

Cookie Name Description Expiry Date 1st party or 3rd party
viewed_cookie_policy Stores the user’s consent state for the current domain Session 1st


How do I control preference cookies?

These cookies are set as a direct result of your choice, and function solely as indicators of what that choice was. You can use your browser settings to control whether or not we set preference cookies. See below for more information on your browser settings.

Please be aware that preference cookies are critical to the working of the site. If you choose to disable preference cookies from this site, you may not be able to log in and the functionality of the site may be greatly reduced.

Analytics Cookies

In order to monitor how the performance of the website and to analyse how our visitors use the website, we collect data about page visits. This information is completely anonymous.

Analytics information is used in reports and to improve our site. For example, we can use analytics data to add, remove or change features of the site based on how popular they are with users.

We track, for example:

  • the numbers of visitors to individual pages;
  • when pages were visited;
  • how long users stayed on the page;
  • the page they came from;
  • technical data about the device being used to browse the site (such as browser and operating system version, and display size) — we use this data to ensure that the technology our site uses is appropriate for the majority of our users, and how best to display the site for users who have less capable browsers.


Analytic Cookies used on this site:

Cookie Name Description Expiry Date 1st party or 3rd party




This cookie keeps track of the number of times a visitor has been to the site pertaining to the cookie, when their first visit was, and when their last visit occurred. 2 years 1st
__utmz A google analytics cookie used to keep track of where the visitor came from and what search engine was used. 6 months 1st
__utmv This cookie gets set so that Google Analytics knows how to classify a visitor. 2 years 1st


More information about analytics cookies

We use Google to provide our analytics data. You can read more about how Google Analytics treats your data here.

You can also read Google’s full privacy policy.


How do I control analytics cookies?

Google provides a tool to opt-out of Google Analytics. This is available for all modern browsers in the form of a browser plugin.

Additionally, you can control how cookies are set using your browser settings. See below for more information.


Third party cookies

The advertisements you see displayed on the site are generated by third parties. These services may use their own anonymous cookies to track how many times a particular advert has been displayed to you, and may track your visits to other sites where their adverts are displayed. Please note that advertisers can only track visits to sites which display their adverts or other content. This tracking is anonymous, meaning that they do not identify who is viewing which ads.

Tracking in this manner allows advertisers to show you ads that are more likely to be interesting to you and to limit the number of times you see the same advert across a wide number of sites.

We do not have access to, or control over, third party cookies; nor can we view the data held by these advertisers. Online advertisers provide ways for you to opt-out of your browsing being tracked. More information about the advertisers we use, and how to opt-out, is provided below.

We do not currently use 3rd party cookies on this site.


More information about online advertising and tracking

The International Advertising Bureau has produced a website to give more information about privacy and advertising on the internet.

Controlling cookies within your browser

A browser is a program you use to view web pages. If you do not want your browser to accept cookies, you can turn off the cookie acceptance option in your browser settings.

You may have more than one browser installed on your computer. In this case, you will need to change the settings for each browser you use.

For further information about how to turn off cookie acceptance please refer to the “Help” function in your browser.


Browser Settings – help pages relating to cookie settings

Browser manufacturers provide help pages relating to cookie management in their products. Please see below for more information.

For other browsers, please consult the documentation that your browser manufacturer provides.


About Us

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